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Email Validation

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The simple truth is that if you do not clean and validate your leads before loading them into your email marketing platform, you're a ticking time bomb. Getting blocked by ESPs and kicked off your mailer platform is only a matter of time.

Validate Emails


Weed out undeliverable email addresses from your file.

Spam Traps

Get rid of spam traps and honey pot emails.


No more complainers in your list. We will get them out.

Temporary Domains

No more 10-minute emails addresses.


Don't let anybody seed your list. We eliminate up to 90% of seed emails.

Bogus Emails

We quickly identify bogus-looking email addresses.

Phone Validation

Increase your sales

Stop wasting your sale force's time and your money on bogus or disconnected phone numbers. Increase your sales and boost your morale by validating your phone records before calling them.

Validate Phones

Mobile Phones

Stop wasting resources sending SMS messages to landlines. ListIntel can determine the types of every phone you validate with us.


Separate landlines and mobile phones to adjust your marketing accordingly. Did you know that landline owners are much likelier to buy home insurance?

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